Parenting Bunny Sensory High Contrast Flash Cards

Parenting with black and white flash cards


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Parenting Kids Bunny Sensory High Contrast Flash Cards

Watch your baby’s eyes focus grow and develop day by day when parenting, as they track and look at our kids bunny Sensory high contrast and black and white flash card collection’s on 0-6 month old Baby

Parenting with black and white flash cards

We have put more effort to create these high-quality flash cards that will not only grab your baby’s entire attention and assist build their brain and concentration, but will also grow their photoreceptors till they are able to properly focus on bright colors when they are 6+ months old.

Many customers have discovered that, their newborn babies can’t and don’t play with cuddly toys at such a young age,

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Print, laminate  on card paper and carefully cut out along the guide dotted line .

40 pcs High Contrast Flash Cards


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