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abc1kids children learning

Nearly all children learning new things are special , there is a saying that goes like this, Practice makes perfect. By virtues , this saying is pointing at the children learning new things or kids behaviours. I remember a 3 year old Michael , who had no time to listen to his mum explanations on how things would be done nor listen to a piece of directive advice. But, Michael did all his learning activities from what he could sight at or others doing. Just like “ copy cat”
Morever, let`s look at how special are children learning new things are. kids crave purposeful activities, that is why they always want to help and do what others are doing. I do see kids trying to do things for themselves, whether such activity will put them in danger or not . Their desire to learning is high . most of the children learning new activities like, put on shoes, jacket, tie shoes, take shower and jumping on the bed etc, are very special children.
Don`t be naughty!!

abc1kids children learning
. The role of parents and teachers is to provide a safe and supportive

In-spite of this, Since all the children learning new activities are special.The role of parents and teachers must be special too, by provide a safe and supportive environment that allows children to explore and role on save environments. Adults must also be a good role model. While children are learning, they are awesome imitators — they will do as you do (not as you say)
However, things may fall apart as most people says .when children are learning new things, most kids don’t want to adhere to advice or listen to parents. They think that, their desire task/learning will be taking away. and some parents, want their kids to always listen to them as a means of learning faster .Often times, well-meaning adults try to let their kids listen before learning, but not to be imitator before learning.
Learning By Observation
Finally on children learning , kids wants to copy everything they want to do. But at times, some parents don’t want such practice of copy-cat. They want their kids to listen to them always. From my observation, kids are confused about their parent`s decisions like wise parent , are confuse about their kids copy-cat. Decisions.
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